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News for envtag

This file lists the major changes between versions. For a more detailed list of
every change, see git log.

    * Fix alt_getopt and envutils for Lua-5.2.
    * Add support for Lua-5.2 and newer.
    * Fix --delimiter option of get-xiph and set-xiph commands
    * Update alt_getopt to 0.7
    * Follow symlinks when determining filetype information using libmagic
    * Modular architecture, exporting tag functions to Lua.
    * Proper exit codes
    * Update alt_getopt to 0.6

    * Rewritten in C++ to make better use of taglib
    * Lua is a hard dependency now, envtag uses it extensively
    * Support for getting/setting Xiph Comments
    * Optional libmagic based filetype detection support, enable with --enable-libmagic

    * Optional support for Lua scripting on tags

    * Initial public release